A trustworthy partner of the worldwide leading elevator brands 

The invention of elevator opened a three-dimensional living space for human being. Elevators have become an essential means of transport and have been an integral part of residences and skyscrapers, business premises, and public transport systems. It is the ingenious and diligent work of many elevator professionals that enables passengers to enjoy the convenience and comfort elevators bring to them.

In the 1980s, NBSL entered the elevator industry through producing the 1st interlock of door system. From then on, it has forged ahead for over 30 years and always practices the corporate philosophies of customer focus, efficient execution, continuous improvement, and win-win cooperation to gradually evolve into one of  global leaders in the elevator components industry.

Indian factory

NBSL India was established in Chennai, Tamil Nadu in 2016, which is the first localized elevator components factory invested by Chinese company in India. The company supplies high cost performance door system, traction machine and safety components for local KA and SME clients as well as provides prompt and professional after-sales field services.

Innovation drives growth and Technology inspires the future

A strong R & D capacity is indispensable to the production of premium products. The R & D team of NBSL has been dedicating their expertise to the technological development and growth of the elevator industry. On the strength of an elite team, outstanding R & D strength and advantageous platforms, NBSL has worked tirelessly, has overcome numerous difficulties, and has made breakthroughs in the R & D of the core technologies of elevator doors and traction machines, the IOT, etc. In addition, the company has established a provincial-level technical center and a postdoctoral workstation, has gained over 50 national patents, and has maintained its leading edge in the industry. 

In 2017, NBSL built a 93-meter-high experimental tower and a new experimental center at its Shanghai plant, which has provided strong technical and hardware support for the enhancement of product R & D, testing, and verification. 

Intelligent manufacturing leads to excellence and quality creates value

To fully promote the development of intelligent manufacturing, NBSL worked out and implemented an overall plan for the “Intelligent Manufacturing” development strategy. It has introduced a large number of technical and intelligent pieces of equipment, has practiced standardized operations and lean production, and has formed a cross-region, interactive, intelligent production and marketing pattern that integrates the Shanghai-based headquarters and plant + Ningbo-based plant and the India-based plant. Driven by stable production capacity and large scale, NBSL has made a big stride forward in respect of manufacturing capacity, technical strength and product quality, etc. 

In its pursuit of premium quality, NBSL has kept perfecting its products and services, has persisted in making, accepting, passing on or tolerating no mistakes, and has conducted stringent quality control. It has actively introduced and promoted the VDA6.3 automotive quality management system and adopted the 6Sigma “Zero Defects” quality control tool. It has also established an effective process execution & audit mechanism, set up a quality clinic, implemented PDCA quality management mechanism and kept improving key process of R & D and manufacturing. NBSL conducts rigorous quality control throughout the process from supply chain management, new product R & D, to production & delivery.

Constantly perfecting our service and paying great attention to detail

Bearing in mind that great attention to details is indispensable to superior service, NBSL has always put customer needs first, has given full play to the potentials and creativity of its employees, and has paid unfaltering attention to every service detail.

To go deeper into customers’ needs and to provide more considerate service accordingly, NBSL set up a customer service training center. Adopting regional management, regular visits and other methods, it guides customers in installation, debugging and usage of its products. NBSL has developed a new customer service model that is characterized by “clear division of labor, coordination, rapid response and continuous improvement.” The company has thus won honors including the “Enterprises Ranked Highest in Customer Satisfaction in China”, the “Top 10 Competitive Parts and Components Manufacturers” and “Excellent Supplier Certification” for many years in a row. It has also gained praise and trust from the domestic and foreign customers.

Vision: To become the world famous elevator components solution provider

The greatest truths are the simplest

Perseverance leads to success

It is unremitting effort over 3 decades that creates a classic brand and a glorious history. Now standing on the brink of a new era, NBSL will carry forward its cause and forge ahead into the future. Striving to establish itself as a specialized, intelligent and international enterprise and to operate a long-standing business, NBSL will embark on a new journey of exploration and unfold a new fantastic chapter.